How to Create a Free Store on Facebook Using Ravox

Ravox, the Facebook Store App, allows you to create a free store on Facebook. Within just 3 clicks, you will have a Facebook store installed on your fan page. From there you can easily customize the store with your own logo, banner, content and products.  Add product options (such as sizes, materials or colors), choose your refund policy, tax specifics, shipping and payment gateways.

Want to see how it’s done? Watch our “How to Create a Facebook Store” video.

Creating a Facebook Store with Fanpage App

Once you publish the Facebook store to your fan page, you can add your products to the Ravox Marketplace by clicking on “Promote” in the products tab. Ravox social affiliates will now be able to promote your products!

Ravox – Create your free Facebook store today!


Ravox releases mobile app to help merchants with mobile commerce

Today we released a Ravox mobile app for iOS at Apple app store. This mobile app allows buyers to discover new and interesting products from Ravox marketplace and purchase it from the app itself. This also allows users to share interesting products with their friends through social media channels and texting. When a user purchases a product shared by another user Ravox pay a commission to the user who shared. This social affiliate channel is how we expect more and more users and promote products to new users.

You can download the iPhone /IPad  shopping app from iTunes store at

In 2018 mobile commerce is expected to grow as a major portion of the retail business. As more and more users transact using smart phones it is important for you to make your products available at their finfingertipsRavox is offering a free option to make your products available to your clients through Ravox app. Click here to start. If you are a Ravox merchant already, add your products to the marketplace to make it available through mobile devices.

Any merchant in Ravox platform who added their products to Ravox marketplace will be accessible through the Mobile app and social affiliates. If you are a merchant at Ravox , please consider adding your products to Ravox marketplace.

If you are a merchant who would like to provide your own mobile commerce solution for clients in addition to Ravox mobile app, you are in luck. All Enterprise plan customers will get your own branded Mobile app with your products in a realtime.  We will the app with your brand, your products, your colors etc.. and submit to iPhone and Google Play. These apps will have only your products and your customers can purchase items directly from Your app. There is no upfront fee to create your own branded mobile commerce app for your clients. We are providing this as a service at no extra cost to all Enterprise Plan customers at Ravox for a limited time. Any sales from your branded mobile commerce app, we don’t charge any commissions.  Click here and Select Enterprise plan to get your own branded iPhone app with your products.

Social Commerce Platform for Agencies

Most digital marketing agencies has been tasked with helping online marketing for their clients. Recently that has changed to social media marketing for managing their brands. If you are like most agencies, you are tasked with finding ways to show them the ROI for social media spend. One of the easiest way to show the marketing directors the ROI is to show the real bump in eCommerce. For most marketers it was not very easy yet. What is even better, would be to show real sales from social.

When we created Ravox fcommerce and mobile commerce platform, it was targeted towards DIY solution for small to medium customers. Then we got number of inquiries from digital agencies who want to create facebook commerce solutions for their clients. We have added a number of features to make it agency friendly. You can create and set up the store for your client. After that you can handover the facebook store operations to your client if you want. You can manage a number of client stores from a single login. Yo can create separate reports for your clients. The stores can be created quickly for spacial events or short term. As its fairly easy why shouldn’t your customer have short term stores for specific occasions. All these solutions while increasing engagement with your clients brand. You can create custom store skins and themes for each of your clients. These stores would be whitelabeled when they are published to clients facebook page.

In addition to facebook commerce Ravox platform can provide mobile commerce solutions to your clients, through branded apps or private labelled apps to sell your clients products.

You can try these options with our Enterprise Plan today. There are no long term agreements or custom work to get started.


Mobile Compatiblity of Facebook Stores

Historically Facebook kept mobile visitors as a second priority over desktop visitors . As late as 2009 end Facebook iPhone app development team had a single member. Facebook has been moving more and more towards mobile culture for the last 24 months. In 2013 Q4 Facebook announced 78% of all their users are coming to Facebook through mobile devices. A better monetization of mobile visitors in the recent months resulted in a spike in FB stock in 1Q 2014.

Even after these users proven to be so vital for FB platform, Facebook have not yet started supporting fanpage apps on mobile devices. Mobile support of fanpage apps is important for businesses who setup  fanpages and spend money and effort to engage with their clients.  I am sure FB will figure out a way to do this.We want to allow Ravox facebook stores to reach their customers through mobile devices as well. We have been waiting for facebook to allow developers to create apps to support the mobile platforms. This was one of the reasons why facebook commerce failed in 2011 according to Christian Taylor, founder of Payvment. We explained other reasons in another article called what’s wrong with Facebook commerce.

We are tired of waiting.  So we did any developer would do. We created a work around for the mobile compatibility problem. Anytime a customer clicks on a link shared by the store owner , one our fans or affiliates, it will go to storefront outside of Facebook. This allows the user to continue to engage and buy as a desktop user would. Earlier when a mobile user clicks a link to the Facebook store, it would just lead to your Facebook fanpage home leaving the customer to wonder what she did wrong. Most of the other Facebook stores platforms still behave this way. I agree this is not as good as facebook supporting fanpage apps for the platform. But this is a close
We released this capability two weeks back and is available in all Ravox facebook stores. We have been monitoring sales and visits through mobile devices. So far it is around 7% of the total views. These numbers depend on how often you share the product posts from the Ravox admin panel. The more store owners share the products through fanpage timeline, share of mobile will increase in page views, engagements and sales.

If you do not have a facebook storefront or you are with a provider still don’t support the 78% of your visitors, go ahead and create a free facebook store.

Introducing the New Ravox Business and Enterprise Accounts

In addition to the current forever free plan, Ravox now offers two more  plans for Facebook store owners: Business and Enterprise with new features.

While our free account still allows merchants to list and promote up to twenty products on Facebook, the Business plan gives store owners the ability to create a total of five unique Facebook stores that may be installed on five separate business fan pages. Business plan users can also add an unlimited number of products and store managers.  As it may be difficult for one person to keep up with a very active Facebook store, adding store managers to your account would allow you to effectively streamline your social and shipping processes.

The Enterprise plan takes social selling a step further by enabling merchants to contact potential customers directly to fuel sales.The Ravox Facebook Store allows users to “Favorite” products they like. Our Enterprise clients will receive the email addresses of these potential customers so that they may send emails with offers or any other type of promotional correspondence. Emails are supplied according to product listing.  If you have fifty products in your store and over the course of one month twenty are “Favorited”, you can expect twenty lists of user email addresses organized per product.

While many Ravox merchants are comfortable with selecting one of the premade design templates, some may want to further customize their store.  In this case, the Enterprise Plan also caters to these needs. Enterprise clients can create a Facebook store that contains custom graphics, colors and text to perfectly match any brand.

Additionally, Enterprise clients can create an unlimited amount of Facebook stores and own white-labeled versions of the Ravox store.  A white-labeled version omits all Ravox information and links and replaces them with information specified by the merchant.

To compare the Free, Business and Enterprise plans yourself, visit

Operate a Facebook Store with Multiple Store Managers

If your business has a lot of moving parts, products and an active Facebook community, it may be very difficult to keep up with customer inquiries and orders while effectively updating all images, descriptions and additional products.

Beyond this, you also may have a specified team or individual to handle your social accounts or orders.  with all of these employees and departments involved, it is pertinent to streamline your processes as much as possible.

Because this can be difficult for one person to manage, Ravox allows you you to assign multiple store managers to help manage your products and store settings.

Similar to Facebook’s fan page multiple admin functionality, you can hand over these responsibilities to specific employees or even an entire team.  Every member will have an individual login linked to their Facebook account to ensure security.

The store owner simply invites a store manager by sending an email with a link.  The store managers then accepts by clicking on the link and logging into their Facebook account.  From this account, a store manager can add and manage all products and store settings.

This feature is available to all Ravox facebook store owners, but the amount of store managers is limited to your account type. Store owners with a Forever Free account are allowed 1 additional Facebook Store Manager. A merchant with a Business plan is limited to 5 store managers, and Ravox Enterprise clients can add an unlimited amount of store managers.


New Feature: Easily Share New Products On Your Facebook Page

People visit Facebook to socialize, not to purchase products of go window shopping.

For your Facebook store to be successful, you must inject the products where conversations are happening. They are usually placed within the store a tab of a fan page, where people seldom visit. Customers may come to your fan page and read your posts that appear in their news feed. To make social promotion quicker and easier, Ravox has added a new, easy-to-use feature within the existing Facebook store creator. This new feature was added to help you sell products through basic social promotions.

The Publishing tool allows merchants to post products to a Facebook page without leaving their Ravox account.  Rather than flipping from your account to your Facebook page and back, you can decide which products to publish instantly.  This is especially helpful after a new products is added.  As products are added to the store, they can be promoted on the business Facebook fan page directly to your audience.

While your customers find your products interesting and like them (hence “liking” your page) they will be drawn to visuals and topics that interest them personally more than actual products.  At the same time, do not neglect promoting your products on social networks. This is why Ravox merchants and store owners have found that publishing 1-2 products per week is the best timeline to adhere to.

The act of promoting your products directly from the app to your Facebook fan page can also increase exposure to the Ravox app you already have installed. Rather than wait for fans and followers to click on the Facebook store tab on your Facebook page,  you can lead them to your store via sharing and publishing the products on the timeline.  This is also helpful for mobile users that cannot see the Ravox app tab. By clicking on a product in your feed, they can still see your Ravox store, purchase products and share.

We hope that you find the new publishing tool helpful and welcome your feedback as well as any other features you would find useful.

The Latest Version of Ravox Has Just Been Released!

We are very excited to announce the latest version of the Ravox platform!

The Latest Version Supports:

Multiple Admin Capability – – –  Have Multiple Store Managers
Operating similarly to Facebook’s fan page multiple admin functionality, Ravox now allows you to assign store managers.  These managers can add and manage products as well as adjust store settings.

Improved Buyer Flow – – – More Sales; Less Friction 
After testing the user flow for quote some time, we decided to simplify it in an effort to increase your sales.  At the same time, this new change allows the platform to acquire information about your buyers and social referrals.

“Favorited” Products – – – Fuel Social Influence & Narrow Down Potential Sales 
This new feature allows users to “Favorite” products.  As a valuable bonus, you have the ability to see the Facebook users that have “Favorited” a product, narrowing down your sales leads! This feature also involves social graph technology, which will fuel your social discovery and influence even further.

Enterprise Plan – – – Profitable Features to Help Your Business Grow
In addition to the current free plan, Ravox now offers a new, Enterprise Plan. Enterprise clients receive the email addresses of all leads that have “Favorited” their products. They also have the freedom to select a custom Facebook store theme and create white-labeled version of the Ravox store.

More Product Options – – – Add Colors, Materials and More
Have a product with more than 5 colors or sizes? Now you can add an unlimited amount of fields to any product.

International Currencies & Shipping – – – No Need to Limit Your Customers
Promote and sell products to various countries outside of the United States with new shipping and currency flexibility.

Test out the latest improvements and additions for yourself by logging into your store control panel!

Ravox Recognized as a Promising Chicago Startup

Ravox has been selected to be featured at Tech Cocktail’s Chicago Mixer and Startup Showcase this Thursday, July 25th.  We are honored to be recognized as a promising Chicago startup and look forward to mingling with some of the brightest minds in the Midwest! To move on further to the national level, we need your vote!

The event features 11 other Chicago startups. The winner of the poll will be announced at the live event and receive an invitation to participate at Tech Cocktail Celebrate (a new national startup competition held in Vegas). 

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to vote for Ravox as “Chicago’s Hottest Startup”! >>>

At the event, we hope to spread word about our helpful tools (free Facebook store creation, a large marketplace, and an effective Social Affiliate Program) that can fuel social commerce for small businesses. When all tools are combined, businesses can take full advantage of the Ravox ecosystem and all it has to offer in increasing awareness and potential sales. We hold strong to our promise to deliver an easy-to-use platform with practices that will enhance client/consumer relationships geared towards the needs of small businesses.

Tech Cocktail is a well-known media company that attracts thousands of fans. By hosting mixers, conferences, and showcases in major cities (such as Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Beijing, San Francisco, Tokyo, Las Vegas and more) Tech Cocktail seeks to boost the success of entrepreneurs by helping them network, spread the word to amplify awareness and possibly even take business to the next level.

We are thrilled to have been selected among an impressive pool of candidates to participate in this remarkable opportunity and look forward to meeting some new and interesting gurus, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts!


What is Wrong with Facebook Commerce?

Around 2011 everyone was thrilled about social commerce and its subset, Facebook commerce.  The opportunity to sell to a billion people that share interests, likes and dislikes seemed very possible. Facebook was also supporting the idea of Facebook commerce.  In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg famously noted, “If I had to guess, social commerce is next to blow up.” He was right. It blew up with a lot of companies jumping on the bandwagon.  Fast forward to 2013 and everyone is over it. What happened in 2 years? Is Facebook commerce dead?

The majority of criticism is coming from consumer companies who tried to sell detergent and ketchup through Facebook and just can’t seem to grasp why that wouldn’t have worked.

Apart from the naysayers, there are a number of smaller facebook store retailers who are doing well.  They seem to have products that are unique or have a good story.  If you want somebody to share a product, it cannot be a Heinz ketchup bottle. Don’t get me wrong, I like Heinz. But I don’t love Heinz enough to share it on Facebook.

There are few things that directly impacted the growth of Facebook commerce. One major issue was a change of direction from Facebook.  In early 2013, Facebook made some improvements in their mobile platforms. However, they have yet to provide decent access to developers on the Facebook mobile platform like they did for the web-based version. Today, that is one of the main bottleneck issues.  I am hoping that sooner or later, Facebook will provide some decent solution for the apps on Facebook.

I see Facebook commerce as complimentary to ecommerce operations. I don’t expect fcommerce to replace it any time.

Facebook commerce acts as a product discovery channel rather than a true sales channel. Aside from some of the enterprise applications, there is no way to measure the conversions resulting from Facebook storefronts to traditional storefronts.  This is a feature we are looking to sync with your current ecommerce sites in order to effectively measure conversions.

Most Facebook commerce stores are not designed to be social. The majority of small businesses or medium-sized business have a limited number of engaged fans. They assume if you place a Facebook version of an ecommerce store, users would find it and buy products. Unfortunately that’s not the case. The question is, how do retailers reach out to friends of fans?  Facebook is very effective in identifying who to reach out to for specific products. That is not yet fully available for app developers. We tried to work around this issue using Ravox Marketplace and Social Affiliates.

As others mentioned, I believe Facebook commerce is still in its infancy.  Those who start in the early stages will be the ones to reap the benefits.  In the early stages of ecommerce, there was a similar sentiment about the efficiency and validity of ecommerce also.