Introducing the New Ravox Business and Enterprise Accounts

In addition to the current forever free plan, Ravox now offers two more  plans for Facebook store owners: Business and Enterprise with new features.

While our free account still allows merchants to list and promote up to twenty products on Facebook, the Business plan gives store owners the ability to create a total of five unique Facebook stores that may be installed on five separate business fan pages. Business plan users can also add an unlimited number of products and store managers.  As it may be difficult for one person to keep up with a very active Facebook store, adding store managers to your account would allow you to effectively streamline your social and shipping processes.

The Enterprise plan takes social selling a step further by enabling merchants to contact potential customers directly to fuel sales.The Ravox Facebook Store allows users to “Favorite” products they like. Our Enterprise clients will receive the email addresses of these potential customers so that they may send emails with offers or any other type of promotional correspondence. Emails are supplied according to product listing.  If you have fifty products in your store and over the course of one month twenty are “Favorited”, you can expect twenty lists of user email addresses organized per product.

While many Ravox merchants are comfortable with selecting one of the premade design templates, some may want to further customize their store.  In this case, the Enterprise Plan also caters to these needs. Enterprise clients can create a Facebook store that contains custom graphics, colors and text to perfectly match any brand.

Additionally, Enterprise clients can create an unlimited amount of Facebook stores and own white-labeled versions of the Ravox store.  A white-labeled version omits all Ravox information and links and replaces them with information specified by the merchant.

To compare the Free, Business and Enterprise plans yourself, visit

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