Ravox releases mobile app to help merchants with mobile commerce

Today we released a Ravox mobile app for iOS at Apple app store. This mobile app allows buyers to discover new and interesting products from Ravox marketplace and purchase it from the app itself. This also allows users to share interesting products with their friends through social media channels and texting. When a user purchases a product shared by another user Ravox pay a commission to the user who shared. This social affiliate channel is how we expect more and more users and promote products to new users.

You can download the iPhone /IPad  shopping app from iTunes store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ravox-marketplace/id945665227?mt=8

In 2018 mobile commerce is expected to grow as a major portion of the retail business. As more and more users transact using smart phones it is important for you to make your products available at their finfingertipsRavox is offering a free option to make your products available to your clients through Ravox app. Click here to start. If you are a Ravox merchant already, add your products to the marketplace to make it available through mobile devices.

Any merchant in Ravox platform who added their products to Ravox marketplace will be accessible through the Mobile app and social affiliates. If you are a merchant at Ravox , please consider adding your products to Ravox marketplace.

If you are a merchant who would like to provide your own mobile commerce solution for clients in addition to Ravox mobile app, you are in luck. All Enterprise plan customers will get your own branded Mobile app with your products in a realtime.  We will the app with your brand, your products, your colors etc.. and submit to iPhone and Google Play. These apps will have only your products and your customers can purchase items directly from Your app. There is no upfront fee to create your own branded mobile commerce app for your clients. We are providing this as a service at no extra cost to all Enterprise Plan customers at Ravox for a limited time. Any sales from your branded mobile commerce app, we don’t charge any commissions.  Click here and Select Enterprise plan to get your own branded iPhone app with your products.

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