The Latest Version of Ravox Has Just Been Released!

We are very excited to announce the latest version of the Ravox platform!

The Latest Version Supports:

Multiple Admin Capability – – –  Have Multiple Store Managers
Operating similarly to Facebook’s fan page multiple admin functionality, Ravox now allows you to assign store managers.  These managers can add and manage products as well as adjust store settings.

Improved Buyer Flow – – – More Sales; Less Friction 
After testing the user flow for quote some time, we decided to simplify it in an effort to increase your sales.  At the same time, this new change allows the platform to acquire information about your buyers and social referrals.

“Favorited” Products – – – Fuel Social Influence & Narrow Down Potential Sales 
This new feature allows users to “Favorite” products.  As a valuable bonus, you have the ability to see the Facebook users that have “Favorited” a product, narrowing down your sales leads! This feature also involves social graph technology, which will fuel your social discovery and influence even further.

Enterprise Plan – – – Profitable Features to Help Your Business Grow
In addition to the current free plan, Ravox now offers a new, Enterprise Plan. Enterprise clients receive the email addresses of all leads that have “Favorited” their products. They also have the freedom to select a custom Facebook store theme and create white-labeled version of the Ravox store.

More Product Options – – – Add Colors, Materials and More
Have a product with more than 5 colors or sizes? Now you can add an unlimited amount of fields to any product.

International Currencies & Shipping – – – No Need to Limit Your Customers
Promote and sell products to various countries outside of the United States with new shipping and currency flexibility.

Test out the latest improvements and additions for yourself by logging into your store control panel!

One thought on “The Latest Version of Ravox Has Just Been Released!

  1. Hi,

    Maybe I did not find but during the checkout I need to calculate the VAT tax to the EU countries.
    When I set at Countries Table for shipping the countries Symbol like UK, AT, etc what ravox recognizes for calculation, I cant find.

    I contacted already through your contact us page but not yet any answer so far.
    Can you point what are the countries symbol for setting the shipping?

    I love your application.


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