Social Commerce Platform for Agencies

Most digital marketing agencies has been tasked with helping online marketing for their clients. Recently that has changed to social media marketing for managing their brands. If you are like most agencies, you are tasked with finding ways to show them the ROI for social media spend. One of the easiest way to show the marketing directors the ROI is to show the real bump in eCommerce. For most marketers it was not very easy yet. What is even better, would be to show real sales from social.

When we created Ravox fcommerce and mobile commerce platform, it was targeted towards DIY solution for small to medium customers. Then we got number of inquiries from digital agencies who want to create facebook commerce solutions for their clients. We have added a number of features to make it agency friendly. You can create and set up the store for your client. After that you can handover the facebook store operations to your client if you want. You can manage a number of client stores from a single login. Yo can create separate reports for your clients. The stores can be created quickly for spacial events or short term. As its fairly easy why shouldn’t your customer have short term stores for specific occasions. All these solutions while increasing engagement with your clients brand. You can create custom store skins and themes for each of your clients. These stores would be whitelabeled when they are published to clients facebook page.

In addition to facebook commerce Ravox platform can provide mobile commerce solutions to your clients, through branded apps or private labelled apps to sell your clients products.

You can try these options with our Enterprise Plan today. There are no long term agreements or custom work to get started.


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