Operate a Facebook Store with Multiple Store Managers

If your business has a lot of moving parts, products and an active Facebook community, it may be very difficult to keep up with customer inquiries and orders while effectively updating all images, descriptions and additional products.

Beyond this, you also may have a specified team or individual to handle your social accounts or orders.  with all of these employees and departments involved, it is pertinent to streamline your processes as much as possible.

Because this can be difficult for one person to manage, Ravox allows you you to assign multiple store managers to help manage your products and store settings.

Similar to Facebook’s fan page multiple admin functionality, you can hand over these responsibilities to specific employees or even an entire team.  Every member will have an individual login linked to their Facebook account to ensure security.

The store owner simply invites a store manager by sending an email with a link.  The store managers then accepts by clicking on the link and logging into their Facebook account.  From this account, a store manager can add and manage all products and store settings.

This feature is available to all Ravox facebook store owners, but the amount of store managers is limited to your account type. Store owners with a Forever Free account are allowed 1 additional Facebook Store Manager. A merchant with a Business plan is limited to 5 store managers, and Ravox Enterprise clients can add an unlimited amount of store managers.


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