New Feature: Easily Share New Products On Your Facebook Page

People visit Facebook to socialize, not to purchase products of go window shopping.

For your Facebook store to be successful, you must inject the products where conversations are happening. They are usually placed within the store a tab of a fan page, where people seldom visit. Customers may come to your fan page and read your posts that appear in their news feed. To make social promotion quicker and easier, Ravox has added a new, easy-to-use feature within the existing Facebook store creator. This new feature was added to help you sell products through basic social promotions.

The Publishing tool allows merchants to post products to a Facebook page without leaving their Ravox account.  Rather than flipping from your account to your Facebook page and back, you can decide which products to publish instantly.  This is especially helpful after a new products is added.  As products are added to the store, they can be promoted on the business Facebook fan page directly to your audience.

While your customers find your products interesting and like them (hence “liking” your page) they will be drawn to visuals and topics that interest them personally more than actual products.  At the same time, do not neglect promoting your products on social networks. This is why Ravox merchants and store owners have found that publishing 1-2 products per week is the best timeline to adhere to.

The act of promoting your products directly from the app to your Facebook fan page can also increase exposure to the Ravox app you already have installed. Rather than wait for fans and followers to click on the Facebook store tab on your Facebook page,  you can lead them to your store via sharing and publishing the products on the timeline.  This is also helpful for mobile users that cannot see the Ravox app tab. By clicking on a product in your feed, they can still see your Ravox store, purchase products and share.

We hope that you find the new publishing tool helpful and welcome your feedback as well as any other features you would find useful.

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