Social Affiliates

Do you have a large following on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? Help Your Friends While Earning Commission!

  • Promote Fun and Unique Products to your Friends
  • You Decide Which Products and Brands to Feature
  • Receive a % of Purchases Made
  • Recommend Friends to Increase Your Reach
  • No Shipping Responsibilities

Ravox: Leverage Your Popularity with Social Shopping

So you have tons of friends on one or more social networking sites. You'd like to make a few extra bucks, but there's one problem... you don't have anything to sell!

Enter Ravox.

With a few clicks, you can set up your very own shopping cart app that allows you to promote products of your choosing directly within the friendly confines of your Facebook or other social media pages.

Simply tell your friends how great products are and let them decide whether or not to purchase. Ravox will process transactions within the ecommerce platform and even coordinate the shipping directly to their door! This winning combination makes you a hero by recommending a great product to friends while also making your wallet a little happier. ;)

As a social affiliate, you will enjoy 2 levels of commission at Ravox.
Any purchase made by a friend who was referred by you, will earn you a 1st level commission of 7%.

Recruit your own friends! You also receive a 2nd level commission of 1% for every customer a friend recommends... forever!

Are you ready to make some cash?