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Ravox: A No-Fail Approach

Becoming popular in the social arena is a successful way to directly monetize followers, but like many businesses and sellers quickly find out, there is often a huge disconnect.

You could add a pre-made shopping cart to your fan page, but without having any existing brand recognition, you still have the hurdle of being locked into your own page and just "being there" is not enough. You are still forced to gather fans by any means possible to expose them to your product or commercial solution.

Now what if you could have a shopping cart on thousands of social affiliate's pages, using them as a giant sales force to promote your product through word of mouth?

Welcome to Ravox - the ultimate peer-to-peer distributed ecommerce platform!

Our commercial infrastructure allows your products to be displayed dynamically across hundreds of thousands of independent storefronts across Facebook.

Get started by signing up as a vendor to have your products featured by the masses on dynamic store fronts. Our distributed supply-chain infrastructure will manage all your social sales transactions on

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