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Businesses depend on us to monetize social media by empowering them with innovative solutions that will lead them on the path to social commerce success.

Millions of people use social media as a personal experience. Within this environment, they share and discuss only what they care about. Lately, social media users are hearing about products more from friends than brands. Businesses are now lining up to step into the social selling pool, but many often experience freezing temperatures. Realizing the pitfalls and initial shortcomings of the process, we decided to create a platform that would set up businesses for social success by reshaping social selling around what matters most: friends of fans.

At Ravox, we’re on a mission to unite brands with shoppers and social affiliates in order to increase social sales. Through the use of technology and social media, we enable businesses to connect with real people by offering free Facebook store creation, a large marketplace, and an effective Social Affiliate Program.

We give small businesses options that when combined, lead to an effective social media marketing system. After creating a Facebook store, businesses can list products within the Ravox Marketplace. Our marketplace is seen by thousands of Facebook users interested in purchasing and sharing new products. It is also equipped with social sharing capabilities that extend beyond Facebook into Twitter and Pinterest to encourage the highest social buzz.

In order to further attract new customers and increase purchases, social affiliates with large numbers of friends and followers can promote products on their news feed, through email or any other social channel in exchange for a 7% commission for every sale traced to networking activity.

While on a mission to make our social commerce platform geared towards the needs of small businesses, we continue our promise to deliver an easy-to-use platform with practices that will enhance client/consumer relationships.

We are dedicated to offering you valuable ways to succeed within the social commerce space. Whether or not you use Ravox to create a Facebook store and sell products, join our growing marketplace or earn commission, you can be certain we are on top of the latest social ecommerce trends giving you the ability to swim - not sink. Jump in with us!

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Our Team

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Located in Chicago IL, our expert team is comprised of devoted and imaginative programmers, business professionals and tech gurus with a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to the future of social commerce.