New Version of Ravox Facebook Commerce Platform Released

We are very excited to announce to you the latest version of Ravox, the Facebook store builder platform! If you already have a store at Ravox platform you would see the changes next time you login. There is nothing you need to do to upgrade.

Ravox allows you to start your own customized Facebook Store and distribute products within Ravox social marketplace equipped with a network of Social Affiliates ready to promote your products!

The latest version includes:

  • Multi-Store Capability – Perfect for users with more than one Facebook page, or businesses with separate niche markets!
  • International Support – Ravox stores now have the ability to sell products from different countries while utilizing many currency types.
  • Easy Store Creation – We have streamlined the store creation process to make store building and promotion easier than ever.

There are a lot of smaller features and improvements included, making the stores easy to use and viral. See the latest changes and sell on Facebook today by logging into your account at or create a new Facebook store at Ravox Merchant.

What makes Ravox Unique?

A main differentiators of the Ravox platform is the social marketplace and Social Affiliate program. Products from individual Facebook storefronts can be promoted through the Ravox Social Marketplace. These products are actively promoted by thousands of our social affiliates. This helps to increase the reach of your products from just your fans, to fans and friends of thousands of Social Affiliates. This is a significant step in social reach.

Does Ravox Cost Anything?

Creating a Facebook store (along with the latest features) are free of cost to both merchants and consumers. There is no need to host or maintain anything. The Social Marketplace is a paid service and our Social Affiliates receive a major part of these revenues. Any sale you get directly through your Facebook Store remains free of cost! the social marketplace is an optional service available for merchants to reach a lot of users fast.

Let us know what you think about the new changes!

One thought on “New Version of Ravox Facebook Commerce Platform Released

  1. really appreciate if u could add IDR currency and also manual payment. there are lots of local business in my country that only accept local currency and manual payment.

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